Seewines Spirit - philosophy of taste

Distillery for the production of high-end spirits with a main focus on Rakia, made from the Muscat Ottonel grape variety, grown in its own vineyards in the region.

It is located in the limits of Sredna Gora and the Upper Thracian Plain, in the land of the village of Lesichovo, Pazardjishko, near the Trakia highway connecting Sofia and Plovdiv and almost equidistant between these two main cities. The distillery is modernly equipped and has the capacity to process both grapes and fruit, wine material and spirit. At the moment, two cauldrons with distillation columns are functioning, each with a capacity of 700 l. It has temperate and air-conditioned rooms for barrel aging of both high-alcohol beverages and wine, as well as an extensive storage room for bottle aging and storage of finished products.

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